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Inventor Biographies

Adler, David Thomas Alva Edison, great inventor
  Benjamin Franklin, printer, inventor, statesman
  A picture book of Benjamin Franklin
Aliki The many lives of Benjamin Franklin
  A weed is a flower: the life of George Washington Carver
Alter, Judy Eli Whitney
Anderson, Margaret Isaac Newton: greatest scientist of all time
Coil, Suzanne George Washington Carver
Dunn, Andrew Alexander Graham Bell
Farley, Karen Robert H. Goddard
Fisher, Leonard Galileo
Freedman, Russell The Wright Brothers J629.13 FRE
Ghermann, Beverly The mysterious rays of Dr. Rontgen
Gourley, Catherine Wheels of time: a biography of Henry Ford
Greene, Carol Benjamin Franklin: a man with many jobs
  Thomas Alva Edison: bringer of light
Hightower, Paul Galileo: astronomer and physicist
Judson, Clara Reaper man, the story of Cyrus Hall McCormick
Lampton, Christopher Thomas Alva Edison
Lomask, Milton Robert H. Goddard
Matthews, Tom L. Always Inventing (Alexander Graham Bell)
McKissack, Patricia George Washington Carver
Meltzer, Milton Benjamin Franklin
Mitchell, Barbara A pocketful of goobers: a story of George Washington Carver
  Shoes for everyone: a story about Jan Matzelinger
  The wizard of sound: a story about Thomas Edison
Nirgiotis, Nicholas Thomas Edison
Parker, Steve Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone
  Benjamin Franklin and electricity
  Guglielmo Marconi and radio
  Isaac Newton and gravity
  Thomas Edison and electricity
  The Wright Brothers and aviation
Quackenbush, Robert Quick, Annie, give me a catchy line: the story of Samuel Morse
Sandak, Cass Benjamin Franklin
Sis, Peter Starry messenger: Galileo
Stanley, Diane Leonardo da Vinci
Streissguth, Tom Rocket Man: the story of Robert Goddard
Swanson, Gloria Iíve got an idea: the story of Frederick McKinley Jones
Richards, Norman Dreamers and doers
St. George, Judith Dear Dr. Bell - your friend Helen Keller
Sullivan, Otha Richard African-American Inventors, 920 SUL
Vare, Ethlie Ann Women inventors and their discoveries

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