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Realistic Fiction

Alcock, Vivian The cuckoo sister
  A kind of thief
  The trial of Anna Cotman
Bauer, Joan Hope was here
Bauer, Marion D. On my honor
Bawden, Nina Outside child
  The robbers
Betancourt, Jeanne My name is Brain Brian
Blume, Judy Are you there God, it’s me, Margaret?
  Here’s to you, Rachel Robinson
  Iggie’s house
  It’s not the end of the world
  Just as long as we’re together
  Otherwise known as Sheila the Great
  Starring Sally J. Freedman as herself
  Then again, maybe I won't
  Tiger eyes
Brooks, Bruce Everywhere
  Midnight hour encores
  No kidding
Bunting, Eve Blackwater
  Is anybody there?
Byars, Betsy After the goat man
  Coast to coast
  Cracker Jackson
  The glory girl
  Good-bye Chicken Little
  Night swimmers
  The not-just-anybody family
  The pinballs
  The summer of the swans
  The TV kid
Cameron, Eleanor Julia and the hand of God
  The private world of Julia Redfern
Cleaver, Vera Hazel Rye
  A little destiny
  Me too
  Sugar Blue
  Trial valley
  Where the lilies bloom
Cole, Brock Celine
  The goats
Conly, Jane Crazy lady!
  Trout summer
  What happened on Planet Kid
Couloumbis, Audrey Getting near to baby
Creech, Sharon All Titles
DeClements, Barthe All Titles
Ellis, Sarah All Titles
English, Karen Francie
Fenner, Carol The king of dragons
Fine, Anne Flour babies
  Step by wicked step
  The tulip touch
Fletcher, Ralph Fig pudding
  Flying solo
Fox, Paula All titles, except Slave Dancer
Freeman, Suzanne Cuckoo’s child
Gantos, Jack Jack’s new power
  Joey Pigza loses control
  Joey Pigza swallowed the key
Greene, Constance Getting nowhere
Greenfield, Eloise Sister
  Talk about a family
Grove, Vicki All Titles
Guy, Rosa The friends
Hahn, Mary Tallahassee Higgins
Hall, Lynn The boy in the off-white shirt
  If winter comes
Hamilton, Virginia All Titles
Heide, Florence The Wendy Puzzle
Henkes, Kevin Protecting Marie
  Sun & spoon
  Words of stone
  The zebra wall
Hermes, Patricia All titles
Hesse, Karen Just juice
  The music of dolphins
Hickman, Janet Jericho
Holman, Felice Slake’s limbo
  Secret City, USA
Holt, Kimberly All Titles
Howard, Ellen Edith herself
  Her own song
Irwin, Hadley The original Freddie Ackerman
Johnson, Angela All Titles
Konigsburg, E. L. Father’s arcane daughter
  From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
  Journey to an 800 number
  Silent to the bone
  Throwing shadows
  The view from Saturday
Lowry, Lois Autumn Street
  Find a stranger, say goodbye
  Rabble Starkey
  A summer to die
Machlachlan, Patricia Baby
  The facts and fictions of Minna Pratt
Mahy, Margaret The catalogue of the universe
  The Good Fortunes Gang
  The other side of silence
Marino, Jan All Titles
Mathis, Sharon Bell Sidewalk story
McKenzie, Ellen Under the bridge
Mohr, Nicolasa Going home, Multicultural
Myers, Walter Somewhere in the darkness
Naidoo, Beverley All Titles
Naylor, Phyllis Being Danny’s dog
  The keeper
  Sang spell
Neufeld, John Almost a hero
Nixon, Joan L. Maggie too
O'Connor, Barbara Mean Rupert Goody
Park, Barbara The graduation of Jake Moon
Paterson, Katerine Bridge to Terabithia
  Come sing Jimmy Jo
  Flip-flop girl
  Great Gilly Hopkins
  Jacob have I loved
  Park’s quest
Paulsen, Gary Alida’s song
  Dancing Carl
  The foxman
  The haymeadow
  The island
Roberts, Willo The pet-sitting peril
  The robbers
Rodowsky, Colby The turnabout shop
Ross, Ramon Harper & Moon
Sachs, Marilyn Bus ride
  Fran Ellen’s house
Sachar, Louis Holes
Sebestyen, Ouida Out of nowhere
Slepian, Jan The broccoli tapes
Smith, Doris B All titles
Snyder, Zilpha K. Libby on Wednesday
  The runaways
Spinelli, Jerry Maniac Magee
Stolz, Mary The explorer of Barkham Street
  Go and catch a flying fish
  Land's end
  Stealing home
Talbert, Marc A pillow of clouds
  A sunburned prayer
Temple, Frances Grab hands and run
Voigt, Cynthia All titles
Whelan, Gloria Good-bye Vietnam
  Homeless bird
White, Ruth Belle Prater’s boy
Wilson, Nancy The reason for Janey
Wilner-Pardo, Gina Figuring out Frances
Woodson, Jacqueline Miracle’s boys
Yumoto, Kazumi The friends

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